We now deliver through Halihub!

Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse is proud to deliver through Halihub.

From their website:

Food Service Delivery has grown exponentially over the past couple of years in North America. Large Corporate America delivery companies have capitalized on the backs of small restaurants taking between 23%-30% of the bill, leaving restaurants struggling because of low margins. When Covid 19 hit us in March of 2020, Takeaway exploded even further and has affected every restaurant in North America. Restaurants who never did takeaway are now forced to pivot in order to survive and have no options other than to use these large companies in order to stay afloat.


HaliHUB is a local Halifax Food Service delivery company setup by food service industry personnel who were pissed off at these large companies gouging restaurants and wanted to fight back. HaliHUB wants to work with restaurateurs with a common goal to provide their food directly to you so that the restaurant is able to survive and the money stays in Halifax and not Corporate America. When you tip the restaurant, now it goes to the restaurant staff. When you tip the driver, it goes directly to the driver so everybody wins. If you have a complaint about the food or the delivery, you deal directly with the restaurant or the delivery company and not some operator in a different Province or country.


Supporting Local in many ways.